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Why Use Latex Gloves?  The Glove Nation Knowledgebase

Using Latex Gloves
Using Latex Gloves (in a Nail Salon)
Not that anyone needs a reason to do anything these days, but there are so many reasons why a person would want to use latex gloves that we think it might be good to list the primary reasons for wearing good quality latex gloves.

First and foremost, you need to protect you. When you're handling dangerous substances, a well-fitted, good quality glove can be your first line of defense against an acid burn or an infection. Although there are no directly known statistics, there is little doubt: Disposable gloves have saved the lives of those who have worn them.

Next, consider those who are being protected from you; your germs or a couple of molecules of your blood from a small wound. If you prepare food for others or work with items that will be inserted into other peoples bodies, you probably already understand how important gloves are in reducing the transmission of bacteria. Just remember to wash and dry your hands before putting on a new set of latex gloves. And use a new set of gloves if you touch your own skin or hair or if you contaminate your gloves in any other way.

Finally, consider the greater society that you live in. Gloves serve society in very powerful ways. Disease prevention, yes, but even more; they enable caregivers to assist in areas and in situations where they would be at risk without the protection that gloves offer. Don't try to be a hero; wear the gloves.

Here's an interesting fact about gloves that you might not have known: germs and bacteria can travel through latex and all the other materials that gloves are made of; nitrile and the synthetics. But it takes time for the bacteria from your hand to work through the glove material, so changing gloves often helps reduce transmission of infectious diseases. Change gloves often.

And Why Use Latex?
In many ways, latex is hard to beat. Latex is natural rubber. Latex stretches like nothing else and will instantly snap back to its original shape and size. No other glove material can quite match this natural property of latex. A surgeon wearing a proper set of latex gloves can forget that he is even wearing them. If you need gloves that fit close and conform exactly to the shape of your hands, you should seriously consider using latex gloves.

If you are allergic to latex, you may need to consider nitrile or synthetic gloves, but if you are one of the large majority who do not need to consider latex allergies, don't be confused by all the choices in glove materials: order latex gloves with confidence.