47" x 37" White Polyethylene Isolation Gowns with Thumb Loops

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  • Pack of 100.
  • Dimensions: 47 X 37
  • Water proof polyethylene construction
  • Thumb loops for minimizing slippage
  • Colors available: White

These water-proof Polyethylene Isolation Gowns with Thumb Loops, with enduring polyethylene construction, are fit for use in food processing facilities, cleaning supply industries and auto body shops. This white protective gear is 100% impervious to fluids and moisture, and therefore, offers comprehensive protection from splashes of chemicals and organic solvents. Equipped with thumb loops which ensure minimum slippage during practical application, the Polyethylene Isolation Gown with Thumb Loops, provides maximum protection to body from accidental spills of harmful liquids.


Our white polyethylene isolation gowns have convenient thumb loops to help hold sleeves in place. The polyehtylene design protects from accidental spills, leaks or splashes. Perfect for protecting staff against bacteria, dust, water and more. Designed for use in healthcare facilities but also great for manufacturing, farming and janitorial.


Case Details

Case Gross Weight12.1 lbs
Case Dimensions13" x 16" x 8"


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