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Virgin Coconut Oil: The Elixir for Wellness


Coconut trees can be located in almost all of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines -- a warm, damp, and also tropical nation located in Southeast Asia. For centuries, the inhabitants of these islands have actually looked to the coconut tree-- the supposed "Tree of Life"-- as a source of products for shelter, food, and also natural medicine. The coconut tree is called "Tree of Life" since nearly all of its parts can be made use of. The trunk is utilized as lumber; the woven fallen leaves are used for roof repair; and even midribs from the stems are brought together to develop an indigenous mop.

Making Virgin Coconut Oil

One more organic product that comes from the tree is the coconut oil. This oil is derived from fresh coconut meat to produce a food supplement referred to as Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). Making use of the "cool press" technique, the coconut oil is removed by grating the fresh coconut and by squeezing the coconut meat. The coconut milk is put into a hygienic container, covered, as well as permitted to mean concerning 24 to 36 hours. The "virgin" coconut oil which normally divides from the water material of the coconut milk is then moved to another container. At that phase, the VCO is ready for consumption without food preparation, home heating, or other processes that might take away some of the nutritional aspects of the virgin oil.

Hair Treatment

Lately, the coconut oil has actually been given much focus not just for its use in cooking however additionally for its worth as a hair and skin treatment product. The VCO is actually used as a hair restorative as well as skin moisturizer. Many Filipinos use the coconut oil to maintain younger, wrinkle-free skin. VCO could additionally be used to deal with sunburned skin.

Skin Care

Research findings show that VCO is an effective component for skin care treatment. The virgin coconut oil is high in anti-oxidants that pass through into the concealed cells of the skin. The oil helps protect the body versus the formation of totally free radicals which are molecules that rob electrons from the millions of cells in the body. Free radicals damage and also ruin these cells including the body's connective tissues. These cells are accountable for maintaining the skin flexible and also versatile. VCO assists to strengthen these connective tissues and also products in the prevention of skin sagging and also wrinkling. VCO softens as well as hydrates the skin, and eliminates filth from the outer layer of the skin making it shiny as well as smooth.

Numerous skin care solutions in the market are made from vegetable oils that have suffered through numerous refining processes, making these products susceptible to free radical generation. These procedures have actually removed these items of a lot of the essential antioxidants.


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