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22991 | Glove, Anchor Vinyl, PF, Small, 100/Box - 10 Box/Case
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Anchor Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

Sizes: S - XXL

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12991 | Glove, Anchor Vinyl, LP, Small, 100/Box - 10 Box/Case
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Anchor Powdered Vinyl Gloves

Sizes: S - XL


Anchor Vinyl Gloves

Anchor vinyl gloves are made from an advanced PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and are FDA accepted for food contact. Perfect for food prep or light cleaning and janitorial work, they are form-fitting with beaded cuffs to provide users with a comfortable fit and have wet and dry barrier protection and resistance against light cleaning solutions. Vinyl gloves offer poor resistance to animal fats and poultry, fair to fish (shellfish) and vegetable oil, excellent to bleach, good to household detergents, fair to brake fluid and gasoline, and poor resistance to diesel fluid. Vinyl gloves are latex-free, making them accessible to users with latex allergies or sensitivities and are a great multifunctional glove option. Powder-free and lightly-powdered options are available.