Hybrid Gloves

Disposable hybrid gloves provide all of the convenience of poly while also being 100% recyclable and producing 90% less emissions when manufactured.

C2 Hybrid

Our C2 Hybrid Gloves are made of thick LDPE.  They are 100% latex, PVC, phthalate, carcinogen, and cornstarch free, making them ideally suited for people with latex sensitivities or allergies.

These gloves are constructed from 100% recyclable materials, have 90% less harmful emissions during the manufacturing process, can be recycled with plastic bag recycling and takes up to 62% less space in our landfills than traditional gloves. 

C2 Hybrid synthetic gloves are ergonomically designed for an enhanced fit and glide on easily, even with wet hands. Their diamond sure grip texture makes for a better, secure grip. All C2 Hybrid gloves are FDA approved for food contact.