Person wearing grape grip nitrile gloves in a medical settingperson wearing grape grip disposable gloves and checking on a patient

Accelerator Free Gloves

Latex allergies caused by proteins from natural rubber latex material are most commonly brought up when talking about glove related allergies. But what about allergies relating to non-latex gloves?

Accelerators or types of chemicals used during the making of nitrile gloves can cause some reactions among users. These accelerators can include sulfur-based chemicals. Gloves that are accelerator free are manufactured without the inclusion of sulfur-based chemicals and are designed to reduce the risk of skin allergies and provide users with a comfortable fit. These gloves have a lower risk of irritating user’s skin and are even more durable and reliable than traditional nitrile gloves.

Our nitrile Grape Grip gloves are accelerator free and approved for use with chemotherapy. They are powder-free, chemical resistant, medical grade, and textured for confident gripping.