person wearing hybrid gloves and prepping a pizzaperson wearing clear poly gloves and prepping a mini pizza

Glove Grades

GloveNation has a variety of glove styles available to suit any need or preference. From lightly powdered, powdered, and powder-free to latex and latex-free, we have all the glove styles needed to fulfill any task. But what about glove grades? What is the difference between food grade/food service, surgical, medical/exam grade, and industrial grade?

Food Grade/Food Service Gloves

Generally, food service gloves are designed to fulfill a variety of tasks and aren’t designed for prolonged use. They are approved for use for food prep and handling or other lighter duty and low risk tasks.

Our selection of food service gloves are ideal for carrying out a variety of tasks such as preparing food, cleaning tabletops, or completing other general cleaning tasks.

Industrial Grade

Designed to stand up to harsher chemicals, these gloves generally feature a durable and are ideal for completing a variety of janitorial or heavier duty food service tasks. They are also available in vinyllatex and nitrile.

Medical/Exam Grade

These gloves are approved for use in hospitals, nursing homes, or laboratory locations and are generally used for non-surgical procedures such as medical examinations. They are also used when there is a risk of coming in contact with bodily fluids or contaminants.

Exam grade gloves require rigorous factory-level testing and need to meeting the FDA's acceptable quality limits (AQL) for exam gloves.

Our selection of vinyl, latex, and nitrile gloves are available in medical/exam grades and come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles and are FDA approved.

It is important to note that some patients may have sensitivities or allergies to latex, and that vinyl or nitrile styles should be used in those cases. The FDA also banned the use of powdered medical/exam gloves on December 19th, 2016 due to the risk of patient sensitivities or allergies to the powder.

Surgical Grade

These gloves are primarily used in medical or healthcare settings and procedures where there is a significant risk of exposure or contact with bloodborne pathogens. They have a durable design and can also be used in labs.

GloveNation does not currently carry Surgical Grade gloves.