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Glove Storage and Degradation

How you store and care for disposable gloves has an enormous impact on the quality of protection and comfort gloves will offer. Not storing gloves properly or using gloves that are in poor condition can put customers at risk of food contamination, or patients at risk of exposure to bacteria or illness. Use these simple tips to keep gloves in perfect condition for use.


Disposable gloves generally have a shelf life of around five years from the manufacturing date but must be stored properly to remain in good condition. When choosing a storage location for gloves, keep in mind that gloves should not be subject to dust, sunlight, moisture, or extreme conditions.

Exposure to sunlight or undesirable conditions can cause gloves to become discolored, hard to put on, and ruin their texture. The ideal storage location should be well ventilated and dry to prevent excess moisture from accumulating on glove boxes.


Gloves should always be checked over before use for signs of degradation - such as discoloration - as the gloves may not be suitable for use. Gloves that aren’t stored properly in their packaging may also be subject to contamination or rips and tears. This could put users at risk of contact with chemicals or harmful substances, or put customers and patients at risk of illness or contamination.

As soon as signs of degradation or damage are detected, gloves should immediately be disposed of appropriately. If you suspect that the box of gloves you are using is past its shelf life or looks damaged, a new box should be opened to ensure gloves are sanitary and safe.

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