mechanic working with white gloves onperson wearing black nitrile gloves and and doing mechanical work on a motorcycle

The Perfect Gloves for Mechanics and Automotive Industries

Those working as a mechanic or in automotive industries are frequently faced with a wide variety of hazards in the workplace, from sharp edges and tools to harmful chemicals and substances. Disposable gloves are a must and luckily, GloveNation has all the industrial gloves needed to stand up to any automotive industry need.

Working with Sharp Objects and Tools

Mechanics are frequently working with screwdrivers, wrenches, and other tools and equipment that could easily puncture gloves and cause injury. Our Glove Chemical Resistance Chart breaks down which gloves are more durable. Latex gloves offer “good” resistant to punctures, vinyl “poor”, and nitrile “excellent”, making nitrile gloves the ideal choice.

Resistance to Chemicals and Substances

Workers in the automotive industry are frequently exposed to a variety of car fluids and substances that can cause harm to skin and other side effects if handled barehanded. Fluids such as gasoline and brake fluid and other transmission fluids are among the most common.

Latex gloves offer “poor” resistance to gasoline, vinyl “fair”, and nitrile “excellent”. Both latex and vinyl offer “fair” resistance to brake fluids, while nitrile offers “excellent” resistance.

In general, latex gloves offer “poor”, vinyl “good”, and nitrile “excellent” resistance to automotive chemicals.

Intricate Tasks

Gloves that allow for comfort and ease performing intricate tasks are ideal in the automotive industry as workers are frequently required to use small tools to complete tasks. Latex gloves allow for a convenient grip when using tools to make intricate tasks a breeze.

Nitrile Black Rhino gloves are also ideal for industrial or automotive industries due to their convenient design. 

Powdered vs. Powder-Free

Powder-free gloves are recommended and are the more popular option in the automotive industry. Donning powder that is used in powdered gloves can harm vehicle paint or the seal on windshields making them an inconvenient option. Latex allergies from the powder in workplaces are also a concern due to some user’s allergies and sensitivities to latex.

Don’t settle for flimsy, ineffective gloves! Use GloveNation’s selection of industrial latexnitrile, and vinyl to meet any mechanical or automotive need.