person wearing black nitrile gloves and holding a tool person wearing white nitrile gloves and making a burger

Labeling Latex-Free Gloves

On December 2nd, 2014 the FDA issued a final guidance document regarding the labelling recommendations for medical device manufacturers and products that are not made using natural rubber latex.

The FDA notes using terms such as “latex-free” and “does not contain latex” may be confusing to users. These terms could imply that the product is free from natural rubber latex or synthetic latex. The FDA recommends that labeling be more specific to reduce confusion for users.

The final recommended labeling statement was “not made with natural rubber latex.” This statement lets users know that natural rubber latex was not used to create the final product and sends a clearer message to those looking for medical products such as gloves.

Many of our gloves such as our NitraFlex, Black Widow, and other nitrile gloves are “not made with natural rubber latex” and are great options for any business.