10992 | Atlantic Nitrile Gloves, Powdered, Medium, 10/100


Atlantic Nitrile Gloves

Sizes: S - XL


Puncture Resistant Gloves

Puncture resistant gloves are great options for offering resistance to needles, tattoo guns, and other finer tools. Puncture resistance refers to the amount of force a glove can take before a tool or object pierces through the glove. Although our gloves are not puncture-proof, they offer great resistance to finer tools to help promote a safe work environment. Nitrile gloves are ideal for completing heavier-duty tasks and are latex-free, making them suitable for users with latex allergies or sensitivities. Available in powder-free and lightly-powdered styles, they can be used at a wide variety of locations including medical facilities, tattoo parlors, industrial or automotive industries, and more. Use Black Widow gloves to reduce the visibility of blood and ink in tattoo parlors, or accelerator free and approved for chemotherapy Grape Grip gloves in medical environments. Looking for a glove that offers extra protection? Protector XR gloves are twice as thick as normal gloves for added protection against punctures and viruses. Use GloveNation's selection of reliable gloves to promote safety and functionality.