Person wearing vinyl gloves and setting out hors d'oeuvres person wearing white latex gloves and pouring chocolate batter in a pan

Every Glove You’ll Need For Your Next Event

Planning a party or event? GloveNation has all the gloves needed to prep food in the kitchen, clean surfaces, and get food service establishments ready for any event. From poly gloves to nitrile gloves, they are sure to meet any task to make events, parties, or food service establishments run smoothly and easily.

Food Prep

Making salads or sandwiches? Poly gloves are up to any food prep task. Poly gloves feature a looser fit and are lightweight, making them ideal for tossing salads or constructing sandwiches.

Food service latex gloves feature a tighter fit, making them ideal for more intricate tasks such as cutting garlic. Tuff Skin and Apollo styles, for example, can be used in food production areas. They also have the durability needed to stand up to heavier food items such as dough products, making them ideal for placing dough in mixers for cookies or other baked treats.

Chopping up jalapenos, peppers, or onions? Foodservice nitrile Rhino gloves are the perfect choice as they offer resistance to oils and corrosive chemicals and can help protect skin from burning sensations from the natural chemicals they produce. Featuring a snug fit, they’re handy for delicate tasks.

For messy tasks - such as separating yolks from egg whites quickly - we recommend vinyl gloves. Vinyl OdysseyAnchorVergeParadigm and Gladiator gloves can help protect against mild irritants, and have a snug fit to protect hands from messy substances.


Clean tabletops or counters with industrial vinyllatexnitrile, or C2 Hybrid gloves. Ideal for general cleaning tasks, they are perfect for cleaning locations prior to service to keep surfaces looking sanitary and shiny.

Neptune gloves are flocked lined and can protect users from hot water or irritants such as soap and water, making them ideal for washing dishes or scrubbing sinks.

Gloves also promote a clean environment by protecting users’ hands from contaminants and raw food items, while at the same time protecting surfaces and food items from bacteria or contamination from bare hands. Food service gloves should be removed frequently, especially right after working with raw meat or fish, and should be removed properly to ensure a safe and sanitary environment.

Make your next event or party a breeze with GloveNation’s selection of quality latex, nitrile, vinyl, and C2 Hybrid gloves.