person wearing blue latex gloves and cleaningperson wearing blue latex gloves and cleaning a counter

Everything You Need to Know About Latex Gloves

Perfectly designed for completing medium duty tasks, latex gloves are more durable than flimsier food service gloves and offer effective barrier protection against contaminants. Latex gloves are made from natural rubber latex and have been known to cause some allergies, so latex-free gloves are recommended for those with latex sensitivities or allergies. They offer resistance to tearing or punctures, and are form fitting to prevent gloves from coming off while in use. Available in a variety of colors, they’re ideal for color coding gloves.

Medical Grade

Ultra-Flex, Ninja Black, and Response ER gloves are medical grade and suitable for use during medical examinations or for use by medical staff during procedures in the ER. They are powder-free and available in clear, blue, and black colors and are textured to provide a quality grip.

Ultra-Flex and Black Ninja gloves have low levels of proteins to help reduce sensitivities and allergies and make workplaces safer for those that have sensitivities to latex protein particles. Durable, they help prevent puncturing or tearing and are safe for use with medical instruments. Black Ninja gloves can also be used in tattoo parlors due to their black color and strong design.

Response ER gloves are nearly twice as thick as normal gloves and have an extra long beaded cuff to provide more protection and coverage to users. Offering extra protection against viruses and bacteria, they can be used in high risk environments such as emergency rooms in medical facilities.

Industrial Grade

Tuff Skin, Apollo, Verge, and Neptune gloves are industrial grade and available in clear or yellow colors. Lightly powdered and powder-free options are available.

Tuff SkinApollo, and Verge gloves have low levels of proteins, and Verge gloves have a textured design to provide a quality grip. They are perfect for general cleaning or maintenance tasks such as cleaning off tabletops or counters.

Neptune gloves are flocked (cotton) lined to provide a comfortable fit and come individually wrapped in pairs to keep gloves sanitary and ready for use. They are perfect for protecting hands from hot water, dish soap, and household cleaning products or cleaners.

Foodservice Grade

Tuff Skin, Verge, Apollo, and Neptune gloves can also be used for food service applications.

Tuff Skin and Apollo are ideal for use during food prep or in food production areas, while Verge and Neptune gloves can be used to carry out general cleaning tasks in food service facilities such as washing dishes.

Don’t settle for anything less than stellar quality gloves, use GloveNation’s selection of latex gloves to keep medical, industrial, and foodservice locations sanitary and safe.