person wearing poly gloves and slicing orangesperson wearing poly gloves and holding out a sandwich

Everything You Need to Know About Poly Gloves

Made from quality polyethylene, poly gloves are perfect for lighter duty tasks and generally have a looser fit to allow for the easy removal and replacement of gloves in busy kitchens or food service locations. Poly gloves are made from either low or high density polyethylene materials. Cost effective, GloveNation’s poly gloves are food service grade, latex-free, and available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any food service need.

Foodguard Gloves

Powder-free, these gloves feature a poly embossed design and are clear in color. They are perfect for use by restaurant or deli workers prepping food items for service. They are USDA approved for food service applications and made from high density polyethylene.

Polycast Gloves

Similar to Foodguard poly gloves, Polycast gloves are powder-free, poly embossed, and clear in color. They are ideal for use in restaurants during food prep or in grocery stores. They are made from cast polyethylene which gives them a tighter fitting texture and makes them ideal for dealing with wet objects or surfaces as they help prevent slipping or a loose grip.

Make performing quick jobs a snap with GloveNation’s cost-effective poly gloves.