person doing lab work while wearing response ER glovesperson wearing blue response er disposable gloves in a lab

Response ER Gloves

Designed for use in medical facilities, medical grade Response ER gloves have a strong design and a firm fit, making them ideal for use by a variety of healthcare professionals.

Heavy Duty Design

Latex Response ER gloves have a thickness of 13.0 mils, almost twice as thick as normal gloves to provide extra durability and strength. They have a textured grip to allow for the easy gripping of medical tools or equipment. Their extra thickness provides more protection against harmful bacteria, viruses, and bloodborne pathogens in medical settings to ensure user and patient safety.

They are also extra long at the wrist to provide more protection and have a beaded cuff to provide a firm fit and prevent substances from running inside gloves and contaminating users.


Due to their extra thickness and textured grip, these gloves are ideal for use by medical staff during medical examinations and exams. They can also be used in hospitals, doctor's offices, emergency rooms, or other healthcare locations.

They are ambidextrous to allow healthcare workers to simply grab gloves and go, and come in boxes suitable for use in glove dispensers. Simply place dispensers in convenient locations such as nursing stations to allow workers to save time rooting through boxes looking for glove pairs, or struggling to remove gloves from boxes or packaging.

Color, Material, and Powder-Free

These gloves have a wonderful blue color, making them ideal for use with color coding and double gloving practices. Made from latex, they are unsuitable for use by users with latex sensitivities or allergies.

They are also powder-free for those with powdered glove sensitivities to prevent powders from contaminating surfaces, hands, patients, or clothing.

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