Person wearing yellow neptune gloves and cleaning with a spongeperson wearing neptune latex gloves and scrubbing a dish

Neptune Gloves

Featuring a bright yellow color and a comfortable fit, these gloves are a must-have for any food service location, day care, or healthcare facility.

Comfortable Design

Neptune gloves are flocked lined to give users a comfortable fit and to prevent gloves from clinging to skin or becoming itchy and uncomfortable. They are perfect for completing longer tasks. They also have a beaded cuff to provide users with a firm fit and prevent substances from entering the glove and contaminating user's skin.

Their honeycomb texture provides users with a firmer fit and allows for the easy gripping of tools such as cleaning brushes or objects such as dishes and cutlery.

Maximum Durability

Reusable, these gloves are cost-effective and have the strength to stand up to prolonged use and exposure to water or mild irritants such as hot water, dish soap, cleaners and detergents. They have a thickness of 12.5 mils to prevent substances from seeping through gloves and provide a thick and reliable fit.

Individually Wrapped

These gloves come individually wrapped in pairs to save users time finding pairs of gloves and to keep gloves sanitary and safe prior to use. The wrapping also helps to prevent unfortunate rips or tears prior to use and allows for easy storage.


These gloves are primarily used for washing dishes, scrubbing sinks, or washing tables or other surfaces in food service locations. They can also be used in day cares or healthcare facilities for cleaning tasks as well.


These functional gloves are made from latex and are not suitable for use by those with latex allergies. They are powder-free to prevent powders from contaminating surfaces, clothing, or hands.

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