Person wearing grape grip nitrile gloves in a medical settinghealthcare workers wearing grape grip purple nitrile gloves

Nitrile Grape Grip Gloves

Nitrile gloves are known for their durability and strong design and Nitrile Grape Grip gloves are no exception. Featuring a vibrant grape color and durable and functional design, they have also been approved for use with chemotherapy and are sure to be an asset to any medical facility.

Accelerator Free

Given the fact that powdered and latex gloves are generally talked about in relation to glove allergies, it can be easy to assume that there is no such thing as nitrile glove allergies. This is not the case. Users can sometimes develop allergies to nitrile gloves due to chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process. Accelerator free gloves like Grape Grip don’t have the sulphur chemical accelerators that generally cause nitrile glove allergies and are a wonderful option for those that have powdered, latex, or regular nitrile glove allergies or sensitivities.

Confident Grip

Their textured grip makes these gloves ideal for holding medical tools or completing intricate tasks during medical examinations or procedures. Their firm fit also helps to enforce a confident grip to make users feel comfortable and confident during use.

Approved for use with Chemotherapy

These gloves have been approved for use with chemotherapy drugs using ASTM D6978 standards and testing. It is important to note that chemotherapy approved gloves should only be selected in relation to the drugs being used. Material safety data sheets for chemicals should be reviewed to find out the kind of glove and level of protection required for procedures.

Color Coding

Featuring a vibrant purple color, these gloves are ideal for use with color coding to help identify when gloves have become torn and to provide an extra level of protection against harmful chemicals, substances. They also prevent bare hands from coming in contact with substances should gloves become torn while in use.

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