Hospitality Gloves

Visitors expect nothing but the best from you, and that's why it's never been more important to present a sparkling clean and sanitary experience. This collection has all the disposable gloves you need to outfit your restaurants, bars and cleaning staff.


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Make cleaning a breeze with GloveNation's selection of cleaning gloves. Nitrile gloves offer the best chemical resistance and should be used for heavier duty cleaning tasks, while latex gloves are ideal for medium-duty tasks. For light cleaning, use our selection of vinyl gloves! Latex and nitrile gloves are more form-fitting, while vinyl gloves have a looser fit to offer breathability to users. Powder-free options are great for those with allergies, while lightly-powdered gloves facilitate easy donning. Looking for a latex-free option? Use vinyl and nitrile gloves when latex allergies or sensitivities are a concern. Don't settle for sub-par gloves, make cleaning effective and easy with GloveNation's varied selection!