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Looking for the right glove for your tattoo parlor? Shop Glovenations’ collection of tattooing gloves. This selection of gloves are exam grade and powder-free so they are guaranteed to be safe, hygienic and durable to easily withstand heavy use during tattooing. Perfect for piercers, tattoo artists and cosmetic tattoo artists, the black color options help to hide blood, ink and other substances to maintain a clean and professional look.

These gloves are ambidextrous and have beaded cuffs to provide drip protection, making them the perfect choice for your tattoo shop. For accelerator free gloves, choose the Grape Grip nitrile gloves. They have low dermatitis protection making them the best choice for those with skin sensitivities. Tattoo with style and stock up on gloves with these great options.

Nitrile Gloves

The nitrile gloves in this collection are powder-free and exam grade. The thicknesses range from 4.2-5.5 mils. 100% latex-free, nitrile gloves are the best option for those with latex sensitivities.

Latex Gloves

The Ninja black latex gloves are exam grade and powder free. At 4.5 mils they are durable as well as puncture and tear resistant making them a great choice for tattooing. Not suitable for anybody with latex sensitivities.