Salon Gloves

The beauty industry is an essential part of everybody's day-to-day lives. With over 1 million salon workers in the US we've got you covered with the right gloves to protect hair stylists, nail techs, wax specialists, and your customers form harsh chemicals and messes.


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Workers at beauty salons and nail salons are frequently in contact with a variety of chemicals from beauty products and substances. Whether using hairspray or nail polish, durable gloves are needed to protect users from potentially harmful chemicals and substances. Black Widow, Black Rhino, and Ninja Black gloves help hide the visibility of ink and dyes, and latex gloves offer excellent resistance to acetone, making them a great choice for salons. Bandit Black gloves are not designed for use with chemicals such as acetone but offer resistance to mild irritants to complete light tasks. Working with nail polish? Latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves all offer excellent resistance to Formaldehyde 37% (Formalin). Formaldehyde is frequently found in nail polish and can be harmful in short or long term exposure. Keep workplaces safe, sanitary, and professional with these quality gloves.