Person wearing yellow neptune gloves and cleaning a bowl with a spongeperson wearing yellow latex gloves and scrubbing dishes

The Perfect Gloves for Cleaning Tasks

When talking about the risk of contamination or the spread of bacteria, it is those who work with food items or patients in medical facilities that are used as examples. It is also important for those completing cleaning tasks to wear disposable gloves to prevent germs from bare hands from contaminating surfaces, and to protect themselves from potentially harmful cleaning chemicals or substances.

Why wear gloves while cleaning?

But why wear gloves if you aren’t coming in direct contact with food or patients? In medical and food service facilities it is not just the food items or medical tools and patients that must be kept free of contamination, but surfaces as well. Tables, counters, and even door knobs should be cleaned frequently to prevent the buildup of potentially harmful bacteria. This means cleaners or janitorial staff should take care to wear protective disposable gloves to prevent bacteria from bare hands from coming in contact with surfaces.

Cleaning and janitorial staff may also come in contact with typical household or general janitorial chemicals during tasks. Gloves can offer quality protection against potentially harmful chemicals for workers benefit to make completing tasks a breeze.

Vinyl, Latex, and Nitrile Gloves

Vinyl Odyssey, Gladiator, Anchor, Verge, Paradigm, and Sentinel gloves offer resistance to mild irritants and can be used for general cleaning tasks such as cleaning tabletops or counters. Nitrile Atlantic, Verge, and Pacific and C2 Hybrid gloves have many of the same features.

Similar to vinyl or nitrile gloves, latex Verge gloves have a grip that allows for the easy handling of tools such as cleaning brushes or maintenance tools for easy use.

Neptune Gloves

Flocked lined to provide users with a comfortable fit, neptune gloves are the ultimate cleaning glove, especially for food service locations. They have a beaded cuff and a longer length to provide maximum protection. Featuring a honeycomb texture for easy gripping, they can stand up to water and are ideal for protecting hands from hot water or irritants such as soap and cleaners. Each pair comes individually wrapped to ensure that gloves are sanitary and ready for use. Ideal for use over longer periods, wash dishes, scrub sinks, and complete a wide variety of other cleaning tasks with these quality gloves.

Keep surfaces clean and sanitary with GloveNation’s varied selection of general cleaning and household gloves.