Person wearing black gloves and filing down gel nailsperson wearing black nitrile gloves and giving a manicure

The Best Gloves for Beauty Salons

Workers at beauty salons are frequently in contact with a variety of chemicals from beauty products and substances. Hairsprays, nail polish, and hair dyes all contain potentially harmful chemicals that when handled without gloves, may pose dangers to workers and cause skin irritation or illness. Gloves are a must, and GloveNation has all the gloves needed to provide quality protection to any beauty salon or parlor in style.

Latex Gloves

If you’re looking for gloves to stand up to acetone and dibutyl phthalate, latex is your best bet. Acetone can be found in hairspray and nail polish, while dibutyl phthalate is found in nail polish. Both can cause skin irritation if exposed to skin for extended periods of time, making gloves a necessity when dealing with these chemicals.

Latex Ninja gloves are the ideal choice as they offer a durable design, and because they’re black, they help to hide ink in tattoo parlors or dyes in hair salons - giving them a clean and stylish look. They offer a textured grip to make intricate tasks such as holding nail brushes easy and comfortable. Latex natural rubber gloves are defined as having “excellent” protection against acetone on our Glove Chemical Resistance Chart.

It is important to note that latex gloves may cause allergies or sensitivities and to use other glove options such as nitrile and vinyl should clients or workers have latex allergies or sensitivities.

Latex, Vinyl, and Nitrile Gloves

Formaldehyde 37% (Formalin) can be used with either latexvinyl, or nitrile gloves. Formaldehyde is frequently found in nail polishes and can cause illness or symptoms in either short or long term exposure. All three types of gloves are defined as having “excellent” chemical resistance to this chemical according to our Glove Chemical Resistance Chart.

Even though these gloves have excellent chemical resistance to this particular chemical, short term use is advised due to the dangers formaldehyde poses.

Black Widow gloves are an ideal nitrile glove option. These gloves offer a textured grip and are powder-free. Medical grade, they are sure to be a good fit for users with latex allergies or sensitivities.

Looking for vinyl gloves for beauty salons? Use Bandit Black vinyl gloves. Latex-free and powder-free, they can protect users from mild irritants and have a stylish look that will suit any workplace.

Like Latex Ninja gloves these glove options have a black color to keep gloves looking professional and clean when handling ink or dyes.

Have any concerns about the chemical resistance of our gloves? Be sure to check out our Glove Chemical Resistance Chart to find out what substances or chemicals our latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves can withstand or are best suited for.