smiling patient in a dental chairsmiling patient in a dental chair

6 Toothy Tales from the Dentist

At GloveNation, we know dental care is usually pretty serious. After all, dentistry is a vital part of our wellness, and dental personnel certainly take their jobs seriously. Every once in a while, however, a really good story comes from the dentist chair that just has to be shared (with permission, of course!). Take a look for some funny-but-true toothy tales.

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Bad breath is a common dental concern. Tooth decay or other oral health issues can contribute to persistent odorous breath that visiting the dentist can solve.

One dentist in particular saw a patient with such persistent breath concerns. They started with a dental cleaning to cover the basics, but the dental hygienist quickly discovered something surprising: cat fur!

The patient had years worth of compacted cat fur packed between his teeth. Fortunately, the hygienist was able to get the fur out and thoroughly clean the patient's teeth.

Safe to say the dental team found the cause of his bad breath and were able help him out that very same day. 

A Glowing Smile Indeed

A white smile is almost every patient’s dream. But is there ever such a thing as having teeth that are just too white? 

A few years back, there was a dentist who installed an upper denture on a patient. After wearing the dentures for a short time, the patient returned and said she wasn’t happy.

Naturally, the dentist inquired about the fit of the dentures, the shape of the teeth, and the color just to be sure so he could identify where the dentures went wrong. The patient replied that those were all just fine. So, he went on, what was her main concern with her dentures?

The patient responded that her teeth now lit up the dance floor - and it was just not the kind of attention she was looking for!

French Tips for Teeth?

Veneers are a cosmetic dental solution to transform a patient’s smile dramatically. They can alter the size, shape, and color of teeth, improving your smile.

Dentist “Catty Mayonnaise” (pen name, certainly), had one hilarious experience with one patient and her “veneers.” The truth was that she had been using stick-on French manicure nails and superglue as DIY veneers for years. She simply glued them to the tip of her teeth and reapplied as necessary.

She finally came in because she was tired of gluing them back on. She wanted the dentist to use dental glue to attach them for a more permanent fix. Needless to say, her dentist encouraged her to get a dental cleaning and consider real veneers instead.

Unsatisfied, the patient returned home without receiving her recommended treatment - but "Catty" did admit, those press-on French tip veneers looked pretty good from a distance.

Chicken Tooth for the Soul

One patient struggled with jaw pain for weeks, with extreme pain near the back teeth. Finally, he decided to visit the dentist, thinking it was his wisdom teeth coming in. He saw the wisdom tooth in the back, with inflamed gums surrounding it.

He thought the tooth was erupting and got infected. Weirdly enough, he also noticed a “chicken soup” taste.

When he finally came to the dentist, he, and the dental team, were shocked. The pain was not from a wisdom tooth, it was from a sliver of chicken bone that got lodged in his gums! It didn’t need a wisdom tooth removal after all, just some unexpected dental care for his chicken bone “tooth”.

Eyes on the Prize

Wisdom tooth removal can be one of the most intimidating procedures for patients, and many psych themselves up for the event.

Another dentist described his experience with one particular young man who psyched himself up a bit too much. The teen was sedated for his procedure, and it went perfectly fine. Upon waking up, he was a little loopy which was to be expected.

The dentist offered his arm for support, however, the teen wasn't having it. The 18-year-old pulled away boasting about how he was an adult who didn't need help. The dentist carefully provided more subtle arm support but kept in mind that his patient was a fiercely independent adult and wanted it known.

On his way out, the patient saw the treasure box that the dentist had for his young patients. Ironically, he made a beeline for it and exclaimed that he wanted a prize from the box in a most decidedly un-adult way.

Snores Be Gone

Snoring is a common problem everywhere, in fact, 45% of adults snore! 25% of those adults snore on the daily. Believe it or not, the dentist can help.

A patient with sleep apnea had many symptoms, including snoring. Of course, his wife was not a fan so he tried his best to find a solution. Even after a pallet procedure, he still suffered from snoring.

He went to his dentist who recommended a sleep apnea bite guard to ensure the proper jaw position and open the airway for better sleep.

A few weeks later after treatment, the dentist bumped into the patient’s wife in the grocery store. With tears welling in her eyes, she thanked him saying that she could finally share a bedroom with her husband after 10 long years of snoring!

Laugher is the Best Medicine

As a professional in the dental industry, a good laugh can keep you going during a challenging day. For patients, they can also serve as a light-hearted reminder to take care of your teeth and make your way to the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings! 

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