person wearing yellow latex gloves and cleaningperson wearing yellow latex glove and vacuuming

Disposable vs. Reusable Gloves

From serving up salads to gardening or working on automobiles, GloveNation has gloves in all sizes, materials, and grades to suit any need. But what is the difference between disposable and reusable gloves? Is it something you need to think about when trying to find the right glove for your needs?

Disposable Gloves

All of our gloves except our Neptune gloves are disposable and designed for single use. This is especially useful in foodservice or medical settings where workers have to change gloves often. They can simply remove and replace gloves without worrying about washing them or not having enough gloves available.

Most of our disposable gloves also come in convenient boxes that can be used in glove dispensers or have openings on the top of the box for easy dispensing in busy locations.

Disposable gloves are generally thinner than reusable gloves which allows for greater sensitivity. They can protect against mild irritants and chemicals but generally cannot be used with harsher chemicals. Nitrile gloves offer a higher chemical resistance than other gloves due to their tougher design.

Reusable Gloves

Ideal for standing up to hot water and harsher chemicals, reusable gloves are designed to provide maximum durability and strength. GloveNation’s  Neptune gloves are reusable and ideal for washing dishes or completing other general cleaning tasks. They offer resistance to irritants such as dish soap and cleaners and have a honeycomb texture for a firm grip. They also come individually wrapped to keep glove pairs together and sanitary prior to use.

Given that reusable gloves are typically thicker than disposable gloves, they tend to sacrifice sensitivity for durability and may feel more uncomfortable when completing intricate tasks. Reusable gloves also require cleaning after use, making them a bit less convenient than disposable gloves which can simply be disposed of after use.

Reusable gloves also may not be ideal for quick tasks such as food prep where workers have to quickly switch between food items. They are designed for more extended and prolonged use such as general cleaning or washing dishes.

From latex and vinyl to nitrile and C2 Hybrid, GloveNation has all the gloves needed to meet any foodservice, medical, or industrial need.