person wearing black nitrile gloves and stirring a large potperson wearing black nitrile gloves and slicing a tomato

How to Promote Safety in Your Kitchen

It’s a well known fact that kitchens during busy seasons or rush hours are always busy and it can be easy to neglect safe practices in favor of saving time. Safety should always be a food service establishment’s top priority in order to keep a sanitary kitchen and prevent injuries during food prep. 

Proper Cutting Techniques

Step one when dealing with knives and other sharp kitchen equipment is preventing cuts or injuries. The key is learning proper cutting or slicing techniques to ensure that knives are being handled properly and are kept in working order.

When slicing or cutting food products, always ensure the food is placed on a flat surface to prevent food items and knives from moving. Cutting boards are an ideal option as they provide a stable and reliable surface for easy use.

The most important tip when dealing with knives is to always cut away from yourself while cutting, never towards, and keep knives sharp. Dull knives take longer to cut or slice and stand at a higher risk of causing injury. Cutting towards yourself also poses a larger risk should your hand slip or food items move unexpectedly.

To help keep hands safe while using knives and other sharp objects in the kitchen, look no further than our Nitrile Rhino Gloves. They offer a seam at the wrist to ensure they don’t fall off while sharp knives or tools are in use.

Gloves for Food Prep 

Prepping salads or sandwiches for service? Check out our Food Service gloves: poly, latex, and nitrile gloves will get the job done. Foodguard, Polycast, and Revolution poly gloves are perfect for use in restaurants or delis, and are latex and powder-free.

Tuff Skin and Apollo latex gloves can also be used during food prep and are ideal for use in food production areas.

With so many styles available it can be tough to find the right glove for your needs. While Nitrile Rhino Gloves have the durability needed for use with sharp tools in the kitchen, they can also be used for food prep in restaurants or grocery stores.

Make Cleaning a Breeze 

After service, use our selection of vinyllatexnitrileC2 hybrid, and neptune gloves to complete cleaning tasks.

Vinyl Verge, Odyssey, Anchor, Paradigm, and Sentinel gloves are all ideal for cleaning off tabletops or other general cleaning tasks, and come in latex-free and lightly powdered or powder-free styles.

Looking for latex cleaning glove options? Latex Verge gloves are the perfect choice. Lightly powdered and powder-free options are available.

Nitrile Atlantic, Verge, and Pacific can stand up to general cleaning tasks and come in latex-free and lightly powdered or powder-free styles.

Wash dishes, scrub sinks, or clean tabletops with Neptune Flock Lined latex gloves. They have a beaded cuff and flocked lined design and are powder-free.

Don’t settle for less than stellar gloves, keep kitchens safe with GloveNation.