Person wearing grape grip nitrile gloves in a medical settingperson wearing purple nitrile glove and attending a patient

Color Coding Gloves

Color coding is becoming an increasingly popular practice among health professionals to ensure patient and user safety. Vinyl, latex, and nitrile medical/exam grade gloves are available in a variety of colors, making them ideal for use with color coding practices.

What is it?

There are a few different ways that color coding can be implemented. Workers may color code gloves to distinguish between vinyllatex, and nitrile gloves so they can remember what gloves are ideal for what use, while others may also use color coding when double gloving. Color coding while double gloving makes it easier for workers to identify when outer gloves have become ripped or torn during use to prevent the spread of bacteria from bare hands and to protect users from harmful chemicals or bloodborne pathogens in healthcare settings.

Color Coding Gloves

Latex gloves are available in clear, black, and blue colors, nitrile gloves are available in black, purple, and blue, and vinyl gloves are available in clear colors. A popular practice is denoting clear gloves as examination gloves to reduce confusion among workers as to what glove is right for what task.

With nitrile gloves, color coding may look something like this: purple gloves are suitable for use with chemotherapy, black or blue gloves for medical examinations or other procedures. This process is not foolproof as purple Grape Grip gloves have been approved for use with chemotherapy, but the purple Verge-Med gloves have not. it is, however, a good start to creating an effective glove organization system.

Double Gloving

Double gloving is sometimes used in healthcare facilities to reduce the risk of glove punctures or user injury while handling sharp medical tools. This practice also makes identifying rips or tears in outer gloves more noticeable to reduce the risk of contamination and the spread of illness. With so many different gloves in a variety of colors, choosing two different colored gloves has become an easy process. As a result, this process has become more popular and colored medical grade gloves have risen in demand.

Use GloveNation’s colorful latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves to promote style, safety, and organization in healthcare settings.