Market Update

November 2020 Update

GloveNation is continuing our commitment to keep you updated with the information that might impact your business.

Covid-19 impact: 

  • Demand for gloves 3x pre-pandemic rates
  • Raw material shortages in Nitrile Butyl Rubber and is expected to last through Q4, 2021
  • Demand for Latex has increased as a substitute for Nitrile
  • Glove manufacturers now requiring payment in advance
  • Costs and pricing continue to increase
  • Counterfeit product has started entering the market with fraudulent versions of Nitrile and Latex with phony labeling

Through all of this, we continue to order gloves to remain in stock. New gloves are arriving daily.

If the gloves you love are showing as out of stock, contact us. We would be happy to help you select another type of glove or contact you when more arrive. 


Disposable Glove Industry Experiences Significant Disruption

July 2020

As a leading supplier of disposable gloves, GloveNation is committed to keeping you updated with information that might impact you and your business. 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic the demand for gloves has increased significantly in the last 60 days. The increase in demand is coming from, but not limited to:

  • Increased demand from the medical market, is taking a much greater share of the world’s glove supply
  • Increased demand among foodservice operators
  • Increased uses for glove, for example grocery employees & customers

We believe these changes will affect demand for the foreseeable future as more businesses continue to use gloves as standard practice. 

Along with the unprecedented demand, there are now material, labor shortages and export restrictions. In short, manufacturers  cannot keep up causing an imbalance between supply and demand which is impacting cost and availability. The world has already seen significant cost increases and will continue to see more increases from manufacturers/factories each month until the glove business stabilizes. 

Even through these unpredictable cost increases, we will continue to order more stock for our customers, and will have to accept any cost increases to get more stock. We try to keep our pricing as low as possible however this will mean pricing increases on the products we sell.  

We appreciate your understanding as we weather this storm together. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!