Best Gloves for DIY ProjectsA gloved hand pours paint from a tube

Best Gloves for DIY Projects

It can be easy to leave the protective equipment behind when engaging in fun DIY projects, but this can lead to less than ideal or even dangerous situations. Like any other body part, protecting your hands is critical when DIYing. But what gloves should you use for your current project?


Lots of people enjoy the art of woodworking. From fixing up old tables to creating bespoke works of your own, woodworking is a fun and skillful job that requires suitable protection equipment, including gloves.

If you're looking for gloves for woodworking, it's best to stick with materials such as nitrile, latex, or vinyl. This will help protect your hands and wrists from cuts and abrasions without sacrificing the ability to feel with your hands. While it's important for your gloves to have some thickness, you don't want to completely lose feeling in what you're doing.

It's also important to wear gloves if you're working with wood stains or paints. They contain chemicals that can irritate and stain the skin. Wearing gloves prevents the need to scrub your hands with paint and wood stripper.


If you're big into arts and crafts, then you know how messy things can get. From slimy materials to sticky glue, it may feel like you're washing your hands every few minutes when trying to work on a craft project.

Disposable crafting gloves let you get as messy as your heart desires without worrying about having to constantly clean up. By wearing disposable gloves, your hands will be protected while crafting. This allows you to work with a wide variety of materials without worrying about getting sticky.

If you’re working on a delicate project, wearing powder-free latex or vinyl gloves will allow you to feel what you're doing without losing too much sensation. Wear gloves that fit snug against the hand to make sure you can work with fine tools easily.


If you've painted your home in the past and ended up getting paint on yourself, then you know how difficult it is to get off. Instead of scrubbing yourself with harsh paint removers, why not always wear painting gloves to keep your hands protected?

The best gloves for painting tend to be nitrile gloves. These are protective enough to shield you from paints and solvents, and they allow for easy movement.

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