person wearing white disposable gloves and prepping a burgerPerson wearing white nitrile gloves and prepping a burger

There's a Glove for Every Task

From prepping food, general cleaning, or medical examinations GloveNation has all the gloves needed to carry out any food service, industrial or medical task. But which materials are best suited for different tasks? Read on to find out!


Food service poly FoodguardPolycast, and Revolution gloves feature a lighter weight design that is ideal for completing food service tasks. From prepping salads in restaurants, sandwiches in delis, or food prep in grocery stores, these lighter weight gloves are designed for quick tasks and easy removal.


Made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) vinyl gloves are a cost effective and convenient option. Vinyl Verge-MedChameleon, and Sensi-Flex gloves are medical/exam grade and designed for use during medical examinations or procedures.

Industrial vinyl OdysseyAnchorGladiatorVergeParadigm, and Sentinel gloves can be used for general cleaning tasks such as cleaning tabletops and offer resistance to mild irritants. They are not medical grade.


Exam grade latex Ninja gloves are ideal for use in tattoo parlors due to their durable design, while Ultra-Flex and Response ER are more suitable for use during medical examinations or procedures.

Industrial Verge gloves are suitable for carrying out general cleaning tasks, and Tuff Skin and Apollo gloves are ideal for use during food prep or in food production areas.

Neptune Flocked Lined gloves can protect hands from hot water or mild irritants and are ideal for washing dishes, scrubbing sinks, cleaning tabletops, or completing other general cleaning tasks.


Exam grade nitrile Grape Grip gloves can be used during medical examinations and have been approved for use during chemotherapy. Verge-MedNitraFlexProtector XR, and Black Widow gloves can also be used for medical examinations. Black Widow gloves are also suitable for use in tattoo parlors.

Industrial AtlanticVerge, and Pacific gloves are meant for general cleaning tasks or maintenance, and Rhino gloves can be used while handling sharp tools or objects or during food prep.

C2 Hybrid

C2 Hybrid gloves are available in regular and heavy duty styles and are designed for general cleaning or light maintenance tasks. They are also a good alternative to poly gloves because of their light design, clear color, and ease of use. Their unique tapered sleeve design gives them a better fit compared to poly gloves, so you won’t have to worry about losing your gloves.