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New Year's Cleaning and Which Gloves to Use

As many as 42% of companies plan on hosting a holiday party this year meaning that from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day, there’s going to be a lot going on in most offices, industrial kitchens, and other workplaces.

While it’s exciting to throw a party, it also means that you’ll be responsible for the party mess that follows. That’s why we suggest you start planning your deep-cleaning routine now, including what kind of cleaning gloves you’ll need to complete your party cleaning tasks.

Not only is a thorough clean necessary for aesthetics and client satisfaction, but it can also help prevent workplace injuries by ensuring all surfaces are adequately disinfected and free of any dangerous materials or objects.

But one question remains: which gloves should you use? In this guide, we'll dig into the different types of industrial gloves available designed specifically with commercial kitchens and offices in mind.

The Importance of Using Industrial Cleaning Gloves

We know what you might be thinking. Why not just use standard rubber cleaning gloves you get from your local grocery store for cleaning after a party? Simply put, they just won't suffice when you're cleaning with professional-grade products you need to use to stay compliant in a place like a restaurant kitchen or commercial office.

In industrial kitchens or offices, it's essential to use industrial cleaning gloves to protect yourself from potential hazards, such as sharp objects or dangerous materials. Not only do industrial gloves act as a barrier, but their strong and durable material guards against any accidental contact with the skin.

Plus, these specialized gloves protect your hands from harsh cleaners and powerful industrial machinery. They even add a hint of style (industrial chic, perhaps) while getting the job done.

Don't be fooled by their tough exterior, though. Industrial cleaning gloves come in lots of different colors and designs as well (yellow cleaning gloves, anyone?).

Different Types of Gloves for Cleaning

Understanding the types of industrial cleaning gloves out there is essential for any industrial cleaning task. With different varieties designed for specific types of hazardous situations, you can make sure that your hands are safe from just about every type of nasty chemical or toxic substance out there.

Choosing the wrong kind of glove could mean putting your health at risk. It can also mean putting your employees at risk. So, it's best to be prepared.

Here are some of the best cleaning gloves out there that most workers in offices and restaurants can benefit from using.

Industrial Vinyl Gloves

Stronger than latex and more flexible than nitrile, industrial vinyl gloves are designed to protect your hands from industrial-level messes. While vinyl gloves may not offer the same resistance against chemicals or punctures as their counterparts, they do provide contoured fit and comfort while tackling all sorts of cleaning tasks, from mild to wild.

Likewise, these gloves offer not only protection from germs and dirt particles but also an enhanced grip that makes it super easy to tackle even the yuckiest of chores. They'll make going from party host into cleanup crew seamless and safe.

Industrial Nitrile Gloves

These tough and sturdy gloves protect the hands from a wide variety of:

  • Caustic chemicals
  • Industrial fluids
  • Other hazardous materials

They’re made with a special blend of industrial-strength nitrile that's three times stronger than latex or vinyl gloves. This makes them perfect for tackling some pretty grubby jobs.

With industrial nitrile gloves, you can protect yourself as you get to work on:

  • Scrubbing those heavily soiled surfaces
  • Performing industrial maintenance tasks safely
  • Washing dishes in a commercial kitchen
  • Avoiding getting stung while doing farm tasks

Sure, you might not need to take care of the last cleaning task if you work in an office. Still, it's great to know that nitrile gloves offer premium protection from harsh chemicals and afterparty spills.

Industrial Latex Gloves

With their snug fit and industrial strength, industrial latex gloves can protect your hands from dirt and grime as you tackle any project in the home or garage.

These industrial-grade gloves are even more effective than standard rubber gloves. They're ideal for tasks such as scrubbing grime off counters, cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors, handling industrial solvents, and much more.

Not only do industrial latex gloves keep your hands safe from nasty contaminants, but they also keep your skin looking healthy and moisturized. This is thanks to the special material they're made from that allows your skin to breathe while it cleans.

How to Choose the Right Cleaning Gloves

Choosing the right industrial cleaning gloves for cleaning after a party can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. The key is to pick gloves that are suited to the specific tasks at hand.

For example, are you cleaning a large office space? Make sure your gloves are safe for use with certain chemicals and tough enough to withstand tough scrubbing.

Cleaning an industrial kitchen? Look for something that can protect against hot liquids and provide extra grip when handling slippery or greasy surfaces.

It's also important to choose gloves that allow flexibility and dexterity so you don't compromise on precision. Material is also key. Choose something lightweight and comfortable if you're wearing your gloves for a few hours, and look out for waterproof options with anti-slip properties in case things get wet.

With the right pair of gloves, you can ensure you and your staff take care of your post-party cleaning tasks with ultimate comfort and safety in mind.

Checklist for Cleaning After a Party

When it's time to have a party at the office, cleaning up afterward may be one of the last things on your mind. But when you’ve got an important gathering that requires tidying up afterward, preparing for cleaning supplies is just as important as picking out what snacks and drinks to serve.

From using the right products to remembering to degrease kitchen equipment, here are a few party cleaning tips to follow. Doing so will ensure your party goes off without a hitch.

Get the Best Supplies

The best way to guarantee a clean office post-party is to make sure that you have all the cleaning necessities before you start celebrating. And, industrial gloves top this list! Not only do industrial gloves provide a level of protection from cleaning chemicals, but they also make cleaning jobs much more efficient.

Other cleaning supplies you will want on hand include paper towels, sponges, dish soap, rags or hand towels, carpet cleaner, glass or all-purpose cleaning solutions, and a mop.

Use the Right Products

When cleaning up after a holiday party at an office or restaurant, industrial-grade cleaning products will ensure that all the nooks and crannies are sparkling clean.

Industrial cleaning products have higher concentrations of active ingredients to stop dirt, grime, and odors in their tracks. To get the party cleaned up quickly and effectively, stock up on:

  • Industrial strength degreasers
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Sanitizers
  • Disinfectants
  • Polish

You’ll be amazed at how quickly surfaces shine and invite people back into the space with industrial-grade products. In no time flat, your office or restaurant will be as good as new without any residue remaining from the festivities.

Sanitize All Surfaces

Now that you're all stocked up on products and supplies, it's time to get to work. Put on those gloves and start sanitizing.

It's important to sanitize everywhere — all doorknobs, light switches, tables, chairs, and counters — so the next round at your office or restaurant feels special and inviting while still being sanitary. Sanitizing surfaces isn't just good manners; it's also an effective way to ensure you're keeping your staff healthy as they enter the New Year.

Spot Clean Stains

Spot-cleaning stains after a holiday party at an office or restaurant is one of those small tasks that make such a big difference. It not only keeps the environment looking spotless, but it also prevents any potential stains from setting in for good.

Industrial spot cleaning products are perfect for covering all bases. Whether you're facing up to red wine spills, greasy fingerprints on the wall, or crumbs lurking beneath tables, they can take care of it all. So don't forget to spot clean after your next festive feast.

Clean Tools and Equipment

From making sure food areas and surfaces are clean to wiping down all tools and equipment, these hygiene practices help prevent cross-contamination and keep the kitchen environment safe.

The same goes for those working in kitchens, too. Make sure you clean and disinfect kitchen equipment whether you used it for the party or not. It's a great time to deep clean all of the equipment in your kitchen as you prepare to welcome in the New Year with a fresh, sanitized space.

Vacuum Carpets

After a busy holiday party at an office or restaurant, it's essential to vacuum the carpets so that no breadcrumbs, cookies, or other crumbs can set up camp and cause a commotion. Vacuuming the carpets not only captures all of the tiny particles, but it's also important for maintaining a well-presented environment for potential guests or clients who visit.

While it may be tempting to vacuum the carpets without any protective gear, we suggest adding an extra layer of safety with a pair of gloves. Sure, vacuum cleaners have become so modern that they can take on all kinds of stuff, but some slimy things are still burrowed beneath the carpets — and that's worth considering.

Mop Hard Floors

Now, it's time to mop! We suggest handling this party cleaning task after cleaning off surfaces as crumbs and other trash tend to fall onto the ground. Likewise, it's best to do this after vacuuming so you can benefit from clear floors without debris.

Why's it so important? If mop sessions don't take place after every big shindig, bacteria and germs can quickly spread on hard surfaces, which could potentially cause an outbreak of food poisoning or the flu.

So even though mop waves aren't nearly as exciting as dancing waves, they're vitally important in keeping everyone healthy after all the festivities have ended.

Degrease Kitchen Equipment

This last cleaning tip is for restaurant owners or those who work in industrial kitchens. After all, nothing says a clean start to the New Year like degreasing kitchen equipment.

Yes, all those secret sauces and greasy entrees need to be wiped clean before diving into a new year. All those smears and splatters of oil have formed an invisible shield on the surfaces. Degreasing helps give everything that extra sparkle it needs to greet the fresh year ahead.

And, as an extra holiday bonus, degreasing will help prolong the life of your restaurant’s kitchen equipment. Because who likes having to replace their expensive equipment?

Restock Glove Supplies for the New Year

Our last big piece of advice? Take time now to restock your company’s supply of industrial cleaning gloves.

Cleaning up after a big party is only the beginning of your cleaning checklist that extends throughout the rest of the year. You also need to be prepared for what’s to come.

Ensure you’re giving your staff the tools they need to stay healthy as they head into the New Year and restock your business’s industrial glove supplies before they run out.

Luckily for you, we offer several different types of gloves. Click here to browse through our entire product catalog and get in touch if you don’t see something you need. And, last but not least, have a happy holiday season and a fantastic New Year!