person in light blue nitrile gloves gripping a spray bottleperson wearing blue nitrile gloves and using a spray bottle

Textured Gloves

Disposable gloves can have a variety of different textures to make them ideal for certain tasks, or provide users with a quality fit and feel that is suited for their needs.

Textured gloves can be defined as belonging to one of three categories: smooth, micro-roughened, or aggressively textured.

Smooth gloves do not have any roughness and are used for general use tasks such as food prep. Most smooth textured gloves are made from vinyl.

Micro-roughened gloves are the most popular form of texture. The surface of these gloves looks like it has been lightly sanded. This type of texture is mostly found on nitrile and latex gloves and makes them ideal for a variety of applications such as gripping medical tools during examinations and procedures.

Aggressively textured gloves generally have extra thickness and may also be described as having a “diamond raised” texture. Their texture provides users with a more reliable grip and offers more protection against tools and slippery objects.

Many of our gloves such as Atlantic, Black Rhino, Black Widow, Verge, Grape Grip gloves, and more are textured to provide users with a confident grip. C2 Hybrid gloves are made with a patented Diamond sure grip technology to give them a reliable texture, and Neptune powder-free latex gloves have a honeycombed texture to make them perfect for gripping wet or slippery objects while washing dishes or completing other tasks.

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