Recommend a Friend

Recommend a Friend

Some of our best customers come from people like you, who tell someone about us. Which is why it would be really great if you could tell another business about us. 

50$ Gift Card

To show our appreciation, for every new customer who orders, we will give you a $50 Amazon gift card.

A few details about this program: 

  • Gloves must be purchased for a business. 
  • Referral customers can not be members of the same location or family members of the referrer.
  • We will not use any data provided to contact your friend or add to any mailing list. Information is for tracking of the program only. 

Step 1 - Complete this form:​​​​​​​

Complete this form for every business you wish to recommend, the copy and paste the info on the next page and send the email to your friend. If they click on the link and place an order, you will be notified and receive a reward!

Step 2 - Email Your Friend

Now that you've sent us your info, we would like to make recommending that friend easy.  Just click on the email link below and send the message. 

Send an Email

Step 3 - Your Friend Makes a Purchase

Once your friend visits our website and places an order, we will be in contact with your gift card from Amazon within 30 days of their order shipping.