Person wearing black nitrile gloves and slicing a tomatoperson wearing black widow nitrile gloves and slicing a tomato

Everything You Need to Know About Nitrile Gloves

A great alternative to latex gloves, latex-free nitrile gloves offer quality resistance to chemicals and have a form-fitting design to prevent gloves from falling off while in use. Available in a variety of colors, they can be color coded to prevent confusion in the workplace.

Medical Grade

Black Widow, Grape Grip, Verge-Med, NitraFlex, and Protector XR gloves are all medical grade, making them ideal for use during medical examinations. They are powder-free and available in blue, black, or purple colors.

Grape Grip gloves are approved for use with chemotherapy, and Grape Grip, Black Widow, Verge-Med, and NitraFlex are all textured to provide a quality grip.

Protector XR gloves have an extra long beaded cuff to provide more coverage and protection to users, and offer more resistance to viruses and bacteria, making them ideal for use in high risk environments such as emergency rooms.

Black Widow gloves can also be used in tattoo parlours due to their convenient black color.

Industrial Grade

Atlantic, Rhino, Verge, and Pacific gloves are industrial grade and textured to provide a firm grip. Blue, black, and purple colors are available.

Atlantic gloves are lightly powdered, while Pacific, Rhino, and Verge gloves are powder-free.

Atlantic and Pacific gloves offer resistance to chemicals, making them ideal for completing general cleaning tasks, while Rhino gloves offer resistance to oils and corrosive chemicals.

Food Service Grade

Verge and Rhino gloves are also food service grade. Verge and Rhino gloves are ideal for using sharp tools or objects in the kitchen, and Rhino gloves can be used to complete food prep tasks in restaurants or grocery stores.

Reliable, GloveNation’s selection of nitrile gloves are guaranteed to fulfill any medical, industrial, or food service need.