tattoo artist working in a black nitrile glovetattoo artist wearing black nitrile gloves and tattooing a customer

Tattoo With Style

GloveNation’s selection of latex and nitrile gloves are durable enough to withstand heavy use with ease. Exam grade latex Ninja and nitrile Black Widow gloves are ideal for use in tattoo parlors due to their durable designs and stylish black color. Their black color helps to hide the appearances of ink or other substances to give them a professional look. Add some comfort and function to tattoo artist’s glove supply with these latex and nitrile gloves.

Black Latex Ninja Gloves

Suitable for sensitive skin, these gloves feature a textured design to provide a quality grip suitable for detailed work or use with medical instruments and tools. They have a low protein and allergen design to reduce sensitivity and allergies to latex proteins, and are powder-free to make workplaces safer for those with sensitivities to glove powder. They are not suitable for use by those with latex sensitivities or allergies.

They are ambidextrous and can be used in medical and nursing facilities, or by tattoo artists in tattoo parlors. Conveniently, they come in boxes suitable for use in glove dispensers to allow users to grab new pairs when needed.

These gloves are medical/exam grade and can also be used to perform medical examinations or during medical procedures.

Black Nitrile Widow Gloves

These gloves also have a textured design for easy gripping and use with medical instruments and tools. They are ambidextrous to allow users to simply grab gloves and go and are powder-free and latex-free for those who are sensitive or allergic to latex or glove donning powders.

Medical grade, they can be used during medical examinations or procedures, or by tattoo artists in tattoo parlors.

Stylish and durable, GloveNation’s selection of tattoo gloves will impress both tattoo artists and customers alike.