Person wearing yellow neptune gloves and cleaning with a spongeperson wearing blue nitrile gloves and wiping a counter

The Perfect Gloves for Any Daycare

Child and daycare workers have a lot on their plate. From arranging activities to cleaning up messes and putting together meals, it can be difficult to keep up with it all and help maintain a safe and sanitary environment for children. GloveNation can help with our assortment of gloves to complete medical, food service, and cleaning tasks. 

Medical Grade Gloves

Child and daycare workers are required to wear medical grade gloves when coming in contact with bodily fluids. This helps to reduce the risk of transmitting illness or bacteria to other children or workers. It is also recommended that gloves be worn when treating a child with an open wound or cut.

Nitrile and vinyl medical grade gloves are ideal for fulfilling this task. Keep in mind that vinyl gloves are designed for quick use due to their looser design, while nitrile gloves are meant for prolonged use with their formfitting design.

Food Service Gloves

Nitrile, vinyl, latex, C2 Hybrid, and poly food service gloves are available, but poly gloves are more widely used in the kitchen as they are ideal for quick tasks such as moving between food items. From sandwiches to fruit and veggies, these gloves are perfect for making quick and easy meals for the kids.


Paint, glue, food, and other substances can easily make a mess of surfaces during children’s play. It is important to keep surfaces and bathrooms clean to help keep daycares sanitary and safe for children. Use industrial or cleaning gloves to clean surfaces with ease.

Neptune gloves are perfect for washing dishes or scrubbing sinks and are reusable to provide extra durability and convenience.

Latex Verge, Tuff-Skin, Apollo, nitrile Atlantic, Verge, Pacific, Rhino, and vinyl Anchor, Verge, Paradigm, Gladiator, Sentinel, Bandit, and Odyssey industrial gloves are all ideal for general cleaning tasks such as cleaning tabletops and counters.

Fun Activities

Gloves and aprons can also be used with activities such as painting to help keep surfaces and children free of messy substances such as paint or water.

Don’t settle for flimsy ineffective gloves, use GloveNation’s quality selection to meet any food service, industrial, or medical grade glove need.