person wearing thin white nitrile gloves and doing food prepperson wearing disposable gloves and prepping a salad

Thin vs. Thick Gloves

It can be easy to assume that thinner gloves must be the cheaper and less durable option, right? Wrong! Thin gloves have plenty of benefits and new technology is now allowing for thin gloves to have all the durability needed to stand up to tough tasks with ease.

Benefits of Thin Gloves

Thin gloves are more economical and cost-effective than thicker gloves, making them a convenient choice. They allow for lower freight costs and cost less to make because they require less raw materials. They are also more eco-friendly than thicker gloves as they use up less packaging material.

Thinner gloves take up less storage space as they accommodate more gloves per box to save time switching boxes and organizing storage spaces.

Durable and functional, they also allow users greater sensitivity and a more comfortable feel to allow users to complete intricate and quick tasks with comfort and ease.

Glove thicknesses below 2 mil are generally seen as being “thinner” gloves. GloveNation’s poly FoodguardPolycast, vinyl RevolutionVerge, and C2 Hybrid gloves are wonderful thin glove options available in Food Service grade styles.

Benefits of Thick Gloves

Thicker gloves allow for greater durability to protect against rips and tears. Thicker gloves also offer more resistance to chemicals than thinner gloves, making them ideal for use in industrial or medical environments.

Medical grade latex Ninja and Ultra-Flex gloves are ideal for handling medical instruments due to their thickness and comfortable design. Response ER gloves are nearly twice as thick as normal gloves and offer extra resistance against viruses and bacteria to ensure extra safety in medical or healthcare environments. Rhino gloves are resistant to oils and corrosives for maximum convenience.

Glove thicknesses above 2 mil are generally seen as being “thicker” gloves. GloveNation’s vinyl AnchorSensi-FlexChameleonParadigmVerge-MedGladiatorSentinelBanditOdyssey, and latex and nitrile gloves are all available in thicker glove styles to suit any foodservice, industrial, or medical grade need.

Use GloveNation’s quality selection of gloves to find just the right grade, material, thickness, and color to suit any need.